Writing A Research Paper

Writing Research Papers

Writing a research paper needs a lot of commitment and research. Many students are either too busy or too lazy to achieve this task. This is very understandable because writing is really not for everyone and thereís no shame in admitting to that. Writing is really hard; it takes a lot of creativity and a lot of research on the topic on which the material is based on.

Many students end up procrastinating until the very last minute, where they start to rush and do it last minute, therefore, ending up with lots of stress and anxiety, wondering whether they met the requirements of the written material and also stressing about the grade they are going to achieve after all the work.

It is always advisable to start writing any piece of material early, donít wait for the last minute rush. You end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Consider starting early so that you can have time to plan how your work is going to be laid out, and also have ample time to do all the research required, and also to have enough time to go through your work.

How to Write a Research Paper in One Night

1. Select a topic that inspires you

The first thing to do when writing a research paper is to select a topic that inspires you. However, this only applies if you havenít been provided with a topic on which to research on. The reason for choosing an inspirational topic is to ensure that you have the passion and drive to write and carry out the necessary research.

2. Find reliable sources and list down important points.

The next step is to find reliable sources. Thanks to technology this can be done in the comfort of your home, in the office while working or anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. If you enjoy going to the library, this is also a good opportunity for you to plan a visit there. While doing your research ensure that you take down notes which will help in writing the research paper.

It is advisable to keep the notes short and precise to avoid any unnecessary information. This is also a good time to write all the references required. This can be done on the side of the same paper or on a separate piece. Ensure you note down the full title, author, publisher, and date of publication for each source.

3. Arrange your points properly

After listing the points down, you will need to arrange them and decide what should be where. For example, which point should start as the introduction and which should be the conclusion when you start writing the research paper. This is the most crucial part and will usually take longer than writing the paper itself. This is the step which helps you plan out your whole writing process. The points do not have to be long sentences since youíre just deciding on where to place them.

4. Write the research paper

When you are done arranging the points, and you feel satisfied and confident enough with your work, you can now start structuring them into sentences to further elaborate and give meaning to your points. This is where you start building your research paper. You can do some additional research while youíre at this point to further build your sentences if you think it is necessary.

5. Edit the research paper

Again, when you feel satisfied and confident enough with your written research paper, with all the important information and sources written down, you can move on to your final step which is the editing part. Go through the whole research paper and ensure you correct the grammatical and typographical errors and any other material that needs correcting. Also, ensure that your sources are all listed and well sited.

Make the final adjustments and go through it again until you are satisfied that the paper meets your requirements. Remember, you can always request someone else to go through you research paper and inform you where there are corrections to be made. Youíll find that you are done with your research paper with a few days to spare, now you can just relax and hand it in before the deadline.

Reasons Why Students Find Writing Research Papers Difficult

Writing research papers can be hindered by a variety of reasons: Lack of motivation is the contributor of most unwritten research papers. This is why students are usually advised to choose a topic that they are passionate about. Having to work on something in which you have no motivation or passion for ends up sucking all the energy out of you, and kills the whole morale of the research writing process.

The other contributor is lack of adequate research. Thorough research is the foundation of a good research paper. In order to come up with an astounding research paper, you really have to dig into the books or internet. You have to ensure that you explore every information related to your research paper so as to ensure you have enough points to give volume to the words you will use in your research paper.

Another contributor is lack of time. This usually comes about due most students procrastinating until the last minute to write their research papers. Having done this, they find that thereís no time to do the amount of research required, write down the points, site references and also write the whole thing at the same time.

Research papers are time intensive, and they require a lot of patience. Hence, the last minute rush usually ends up working against a student. Also, having to work while in school takes up almost all the time a student has. It is therefore very understandable if this kind of person finds themselves with a research paper that is due.

Having looked at all these, we can conclude that the average student needs help writing research papers and will end up hiring a writing company to do the dirty work for them. Not every person has the patience and motivation it takes to do the amount of research required, to build an award-winning research paper. We totally understand that people have different passions and most of them do not include any form of writing.

Just a recap:
  1. Select a topic that inspires you
  2. Find reliable sources and list down important points
  3. Arrange your points properly
  4. Write the research paper
  5. Edit the research paper