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About us

MyLearningZone employs a battery of effective tutors, proofreaders & editors whose building blocks of my practice are creativity, being organized and disciplined and also they possess excellent tutoring skills along with a passion for the written word. Our editors are involved in the ultimate development of works of fiction and non-fiction but primarily, they work as independent editors whose work orbits around editing and proofreading of already written material. Our role as a company overlaps to form an intricate creative and all-rounded work-flow in tutoring, proofreading and editing. Our overriding mission as both leaders and collaborators in the tutoring industry is an integral part of our deep research and creativity when it comes to providing high quality professional tutoring, proofreading and editing services.

Why us?
Our Approach
Professional Editors

Our real, human editors are experts in various fields. Our hand-picked team underwent a rigorous selection process and is supported by the latest technologies.

Privacy Protected

We use bank-grade security standards to protect your work. Your document's security is important. We understand this, and we keep it safe.

Quality Assured

We strive for customer satisfaction. Our Quality Assurance process for our editing and proofreading services is rigorous, and all of our processes are independently verified according to global standards.

Testimonials from our Awesome Clients
  • "MyLearningZone has helped our teenage son become a competent and proficient writer—and has taken a lot of stress away from us! Greg has been a calming influence and wonderful tutor to our son which allows him to relax and flourish as he works on school assignments. He is always prepared with challenging materials and encourages communication throughout the week for feedback on any projects he has. We are so grateful to have met Greg and appreciate all she has done to help increase our son’s confidence as his writing assignments get increasingly more demanding.".

    • Sandra Hofman
  • "MyLearningZone staff is a great tutor for any type of writing! I am a junior in high school and so far Charlie has helped me outline, edit and revise a novel-based comparison essay and a fiction character piece. Charlie is very passionate about her work and this is reflected in her whole attitude towards writing. Not only did she help me with the pieces we were working on, Charlie also taught me skills I could apply on my own to writing assignments in all my classes. I would definitely recommend Charlie to anyone who is looking for any kind of writing assistance!"

    • SethHedge
  • "“Leah pays attention to details, collaborates well with others, and is attentive to the needs of a group. Yet she never stops taking pleasure in seeing children learn, she finds humor in unexpected places, and she takes challenges in stride.” "

    • C.M. / colleague/ New York, NY
  • “At her core Nicole has a value set that anyone wanting to raise confident, empathetic, smart and creative children should covet. Her natural instincts are to constantly create new and exciting learning adventures. We credit Nicole’s countless hours working on letters, reading stories and her obvious love of literature with helping my oldest daughter to learn to read and write at an early age.”

Coming in Clutch with Delivery

What You Get From Us

  • We Deliver on Time

    We work around the clock to meet your deadlines. Submit your document at any time, day or night.

  • Personalized.

    We match your document to an editor or proofreader with the right experience for the job.

  • Affordable

    Perfection doesn’t have to be expensive. Pay only for the services you need, when you need them.

  • Expertise

    Get editing services from professionals with experience at major magazines, top-tier universities, and Fortune 500s.

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