Book Review

Book Review Help

A book review is an important evaluation of a written text or an object, and this covers all aspects of books, literature material, among many other forms that can be intertwined at this level. Things you should know about a book review include:

  1. A review provides the reader with a concise summary of the entire content. This includes descriptions which are based on the topic and also its general argument and perspective or even purpose.
  2. A review does offer an important assessment of the written material. It points out what you as the reader you find to be worth noting, whether is captivating, persuasive and how it made you feel about the whole issue.
  3. A review overly suggests at the end of the material at hand can be appreciated by an audience.

How a Book Review is Written

1. Read the book and makes notes

First, read the book and as you are reading make a few notes about the points you want to get across and these can be in form of questions:

  1. What is the authorís purpose and view regarding this book? - This can be stated in a few words in the preface of the book or the introduction part.
  2. What form of evidence does the author use to fortify the points he or she has made? Ask yourself if the evidence is compelling- Does the points fully get supported by what the author brings forward as hard evidence?
  3. How does the book compared to other books with the same topic relate? - Does this book have some sort of unique aspect? Does it add original and new information and what group of readers will find this book to provide utility?
  4. Has the book been written by a professional writer? Does the author have the skills needed to write readable material?
  5. Which is the most ideal level by which the book can be criticize the book? Did the author manage to be successful in relaying his ideas across to the reader and achieve the main purpose of writing the book?
2. Write a book review just like youíd imagine telling your friend a story.

Try to imagine you are telling your friend a story regarding something which may be interesting or not. When you do this then it becomes much easier since you do not have to follow so many rules which indeed lead to confusion and then youíre caught in between the writerís block since you are afraid of doing the wrong thing. A book review is simple and you shouldnít overthink. Just write as if you are telling your friend a book you read last night.

3. State the author's name

It is indeed very important as you are telling your friend about the book you read that you do not forget to mention the name of the author. Remember, the story is not yours and you should give credit where itís due. It does not take much effort; just a second or two and you have grasped that point as your professor is grading your paper.

4. Plan your writing by making points.

Make specific points regarding what you are planning to write. This makes it easier and I do it all the time. Make seven points (an example) then per every point write a paragraph. Itís clear to see that this is the simplest method since you only need to write like 100 words per every point and you are good to go. Thatís an entire paper youíve just written. Just make sure you list the points before you get to start writing your book review.

5. State the theme of the book review to readers during the early stages.

Before starting to write your book review, make sure you have made clear what your theme is since itís quite disappointing if the reader of your book review reads the entire text and he or she doesnít support what you have just reviewed. Make it clear at the beginning what you will be discussing about, and this makes it easier for everyone who is trying to read your book review.

6. State the genre of the book

You also have to grade the book as per its genre. Does it have one in the first place? Like, does it fall under drama, action & adventure, horror, satire or even mystery? If it does, then state its genre. You have some points there from your professor!

7. State your opinion regarding the writing style used.

Think about the writing style the author has used. Does it appeal to your sense of humor? What do you like most about the narrative writing used, the descriptive or expository style used by the author. Comment on this the best way to like.

8. Quote the author in your text.

Use quotes from the book itself. I mean, quotes from the author. This will give the reader some sense of authority that you indeed have read the book and even if you are not agreeing or you agree with the author itís right to pass authority to the author. Use parenthesis (and include page numbers), avoid self-citations; do not make your own views on the topic since this is not your own written work.

9. Do not write your ideas for the book.

I have stated this on point number 8 but I want to give you more details regarding the fact that you should not tell readers of your review what the book is about. Those are your views regarding the book and they are STRICTLY not allowed since itís not a written invitation to present your own views regarding the book or the author. Your review should tell the readers if they should read the book, what is good about the book or why they should not waste time reading the book altogether.

10. Research about the author's background.

Spend some time and do some light research regarding the author of the book. This information is vital since you will understand more why the author came up with such a book. A book comes from a writerís mind and itís quite appropriate that when you write a book it will rotate around your life, your friends, early school life etc. so a book is just an invitation to the mind of the author and you have to explore effectively to come up with a well written book review.

Just a recap:
  1. Read the book and makes notes
  2. Write a book review just like youíd imagine telling your friend a story
  3. State the author's name
  4. Plan your writing by making points
  5. State the theme of the book review to readers during the early stages
  6. State the genre of the book
  7. State your opinion regarding the writing style used
  8. Quote the author in your text
  9. Do not write your ideas for the book
  10. Research about the authorís background