7 Amazing Hacks On How To Write A Scholarship Essay

How To Write A Scholarship Essay
7 Amazing Hacks On How To Write A Scholarship Essay

College is increasingly expensive for students and parents. One of the options to ease the financial constraint is through scholarships. Most scholarship applications require essays and application forms. Just like writing any essay, scholarship essays can be difficult to put together.

Keep in mind that this is a very important part of the application process since it gives the committee a sense of who you are as a person. It also gives you a boost into being considered for the scholarship and separates the grains from the chaff, in-terms of who is more dedicated to their goals and why they qualify for the scholarship. Making sure your scholarship essay is the best is vital and will work in your favor.

How to Make a Scholarship Essay Stand Out

1. Follow the Scholarship Essay Instructions Carefully

When the instructions are provided in a Scholarship Essay, it is important to ensure that you follow them. Checking to see whether you qualify for the scholarship is the first step. The next one could be the word count, font, spacing, etc. Your application may be rebuffed if you do not follow the provided instructions. Following the stated rules makes the application process easier for the admission committee and also the students. Ensure that you submit the application on the specified day.

2. Identify your Audience

As with any writing, there is the need to identify who your targeted audience is. In this case, the professors are not your target audience. The scholarship Essays are usually handled by appointed experts in particulars fields that are qualified to identify the unique qualities required from students. Understanding what the scholarship provider is looking for is the key to knowing what is required in the essay. Also, do some research on the organization to understand their background and any past information on their scholarships.

3. Answer the Question

This is one of the hard parts when writing a Scholarship Essay. It may seem like the easiest point, but once you start thinking deeply about the questions, you lose your confidence. Begin with understanding what the question is asking for, simplify the question and break it down.

If there are words that you donít understand, look them up in a dictionary to get the full meaning. Underlining the major words in the question can also help to understand the question. Go through the question as many times as you need to until it all sinks in and the concept is clear. Identify what the scholarship providers want to know about; whether itís your school performance or your extracurricular activities. Understanding the question is the key to a unique Scholarship Essay.

4. The Introduction

Now that you have identified your audience and understood what the question is asking about, the introduction of your Scholarship Essay can begin. Your introduction should be captivating and draw your audience in. It should make him/her intrigued about the topic youíre writing about. A great introduction will immediately set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Ensure that you donít state the obvious; the reader already knows why you have written the essay. You donít want to start your essay by annoying the reader. Answer the question for the reader, to show that you understand what is required. Avoid unnecessary details and keep it short and meaningful. The details should be in the body of the essay.

5. The Writing Process

A great introduction alone is not enough to win a scholarship; this is where the body of your essay comes in. Here you should answer the question in full details and also support your arguments. Some questions may be broad and cover a wide topic while others may be tailored in a certain way. Remember to keep the sentences clear and short.

You can use actual examples from your own life to back up your claims and to try and show a certain point, as long as they are relevant to the situation. Focus on your strengths and show how you have turned your weaknesses in the past into successes. Avoid using new words that you are not familiar with as they can alter the whole meaning if used incorrectly. Your arguments should be stated clearly in paragraph form, where each paragraph is targeting only one argument at a time to ensure your reader is able to follow.

Show you the reader that you are passionate about whatever it is youíre writing about. When you get to the conclusion, remind the reader why you are the best candidate for the scholarship and explain how you will benefit from it. Remember to thank the scholarship committee for taking their time to read you application and for considering you in the first place

6. Revising and Editing

Now that youíre done with your essay, the next vital step is editing. Ensure to reread your essay as many times as necessary and correct any mistakes. Go back to the question and check whether your essay fully addresses and answers the question. If not, this may mean that your essay needs rewriting. Check that your grammar is correct. You can get a trusted friend to do the editing and make any necessary improvements in case you missed something.

7. The Recommendation letter

Scholarship Essays go hand in hand with recommendation letters. The best recommendation letters come from the people who know you best. These are people who understand your goals and have worked closely with you for a reasonable period of time. This could be your teachers, religious leaders or professors for example. The person writing the letter should be able to write well and in a presentable manner. You should guide your recommender by giving the correct details and any necessary information required for him/her to write. It is also advisable to give ample time for the writing of the recommendation letter.

Some additional things to do are:


  1. Discuss what brings out the best in you
  2. Discuss what your future plans are
  3. Show you are passionate about what youíre writing about
  4. Donít

  5. Recycle previous application letters
  6. Procrastinate till the application essay is almost due
  7. Fill your application essay with unnecessary information
  8. State that you need the money directly

Writing a Scholarship Essay can be difficult; following these tips could be the key to finally landing yourself the scholarship youíve been longing for. I certainly hope you do. All that hard work requires some form of positive compensation.

Just a recap:
  1. Follow the instructions carefully
  2. Identify the audience
  3. Answer the Question
  4. Have a captivating introduction
  5. A meaningful body (the writing process)
  6. Ensure to revise and edit
  7. Have a good recommendation letter