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Before Paper Hub before Copywriting
After Paper Hub after Copywriting
15,623 114,110
annual organic leads
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24/100 96/100
landing pages converting
-105% 207%
a scaling Return on investment
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writing home pages, product pages, and case studies that attract and convert leads from search engines.

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Do you need top-shelf landing pages? Pages that shoot up your profits by solving a client needs? We offer value for needs. We guarantee your audience won’t click away from your landing page. Instead, crave for what’s next and go deeper.

Here’s how we plan to do it:
Let’s let you in on a secret: Headlines are worth at any rate 89.5% of advertising income. WE offer a value proposition to write short, specific headlines. The more specific headlines get, the more engagement level rises. The reader can stay hooked from the point of arrival. We will spark engagement right to the end. If you provide the above with precise accuracy, we will build the ideal sales letter to improve conversion. We will follow SEO guidelines to extend the reach of a copy. We will do extensive research on the campaigns of direct competitors to strengthen the uniqueness of your brand. What we know best is content development and planning. Allow us to use my imaginative vision to design one compelling campaign. Your campaign will be so productive that your competitors will want to snatch your ideas. You will be capable of capturing all sections of the industry. To make your projects a commercial success, you need to partner with us. Your role is simply filling out a form.


Everyone, from time to time, needs free insights on projects. We are here to take a closer look at websites and create an SEO content proposal at no cost. We guide you towards figuring out exactly what to do to properly market any website. Also, advice on how much it would cost. Your copy will gain different outlook and recommendations. Mainly on how to actively attract potential leads. Consider our free professional feedback platforms as a vital step to increasing the quality of your site. This is possible with a little help from you. Send us a sample of media files used in your website. We would also like a website link and a copy of your page's content. It is important to bear in mind that we don't require you to provide user accounts or website-related passwords. Confirm that the data presented does not include login credentials before you submit the form. We guarantee a fast response and the best part is, it's totally FREE! E-mail or call for any clarification. Qualified agents are available for questions 24/7.

Here is what is required:

1. Business

Outline company details and contact information Submit an overview of your product as well as features of your brand A sample of past ad campaigns to use as a guide.

2. Customer.

Start by giving us some reviews from your users as well as some suggestions we would also like to have your targeted customers’ data plus relevant data regarding your audience. We will be able to listen to your clients as if they were personally talking to one of us.


Where are your writers based?
We have very rigorous criteria for selection. We only hire applicants who qualify. All our professional writers are based in the US and The UK. Depending on what your requirements are, we can outsource professionals from your country of choice; copywriting is not limited to a specific country.
How much does it cost?
The starting rate is £0.04/Word+VAT. We offer different packages depending on the information you provide us. Send us an e-mail to get a breakdown of the rates.
What if I am not happy with the copy?
We encourage you to give us your feedback. Copies are checked for errors and thoroughly edited. Feel free to contact us for any concerns you might be having. Our team will work on fixing the problem.
What happens after I have placed an order?
You will be able to track your order on your dashboard. Most copies are complete within 48 hours. Your account will reflect every stage of the process as updated.
How do you know what to write about?
Our professional copywriters have experience in attracting audiences to the game. The specific details you provide in the briefing forms will direct our writers to create the best copy to increase traffic.
What if I don't know what I need?
Our team will contact you from the information you will provide below.

Stuck for words?

Whether it's a full brochure, complete website or just a catchy line to hook people in, we've crafted #copy all across the glazing and fenestration sectors.

You won't have to teach us all the basics & we already know what converts!

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GE Digital
See how Paper Hub helped Zachariah increase organic impressions by 284% in 14 months.
"For the past two years, they have been writing copy for my company. Whenever I need something, I send them an email with the topic and details I'm looking for and the team always responds promptly. Within just a couple of days, they have what I need ready. Their team is our copywriter of choice not only because they’re so quick, but also because they have familiarized themselves with our industry and I never have to worry about the accuracy of information. The team is professional, friendly, and a great asset to us. Thank you! — feeling relieved 😊 "
Zachariah Mampilly
San Diego, CA.
Exceptional Villas
See how Paper Hub helped Kim achieve a 270% ROI in 1 Year
"I have used them to write fresh copy, proof my own copy and just to bounce ideas off of. The team is always thorough and has great ideas. I have even asked one of the copywriters to write articles about topics that he knew nothing about. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend."
Kim Weeden
Louisville KY
See how Paper Hub helped Matt increase Organic Targeted Leads by 300%
"Great stuff on time and on target. Easy to work with. Has been doing copy and research for Reek Trail for 4 years and Interactivate for 1 or 2 years prior to that. Usually I'm reluctant to refer resources as I feel responsible if they're unhappy. Always happy to refer people to this agency, I always get nice notes from them afterwards! "
Matt Friedman
La Mesa, CA
See how Paper Hub helped Mike experience a 513% year-over-year increase in Organic Targeted Leads
"Paper Hub has been extremely consistent and reliable through our entire engagement. My LEADS results speak for themselves."
Poway, CA
Mike Naraine
Vanessa B.
See how Paper Hub helped Stacey.
“Intuitive and creative copy professionals. They have helped me transform my businesses brand online through targeted copy. The team can do 0-100% on the creative side too - which is a big plus! Thank you for all the fantastic work, I hope you find their services if you need copy because they’re solid GOLD!”
Stacey E. Singleton
Raleigh, NC.
Give my content the attention it deserves!
Give my content the attention it deserves!